Play fair.

Although that is an admonishment most often heard on playgrounds and sports fields in Florida and across the country and primarily applicable to children, it can also be a necessary reminder to adults on occasion.

Take the realm of property division in , for example.

When divorcing spouses act with civility and reasonable maturity in -related matters, the goal they share — most often, a relatively amicable and equitable parting — is decidedly in reach most of the time.

An optimal outcome can easily become elusive, though, when one party in negotiations acts more like a child than an adult. Such can sometimes become the case in a marital dissolution, when, as noted in an online article on , one of the soon-to-be former partners purposefully hides marital assets, “potentially skewing the property division unfairly in his or her favor.”

That type of conduct is aberrational, unfair and unlawful, and it is simply a flat reality that some divorcing parties need to guard against it and, when necessary, take legal action to stop it and to fully secure a fair outcome.

The ways in which one divorcing spouse can seek to hide assets from disclosure, accurate valuation and fair distribution are myriad. He or she might simply fail to include certain property on a voluntary declaration. Financial records might be falsified or destroyed. Assets could be hidden among friends and relatives, moved to offshore accounts or sold.

Sometimes it is an imperative for a divorcing spouse to obtain timely professional help to fully identify marital assets and help secure a fair outcome.

The above-cited article highlights the clear and important input that a proven attorney can provide in property division matters, noting that “an experienced attorney can help ensure that you get your fair share of any marital property.”