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What are some things to avoid during divorce?

When getting divorced in Florida, there are some obvious things to avoid. A few of these include purchasing new assets together or taking out more shared debt. Maintaining a physical relationship may also lead to complications. But, what about the less obvious things?

According to Business Insider, the first is talking to financial advisers that do not make sense to you. Whether you are the breadwinner, the homemaker or neither, you want to ensure that whoever you work with can provide advice you understand and agree with. It should also be applicable to your specific financial goals.

Creating a blended family with biological and adopted children

Many of the people who chose to adopt do so because they cannot have biological children. However, Florida individuals and couples who already have children may also choose to adopt. There are some unique benefits and challenges that exist when people create a blended family of biological and adopted children. Adequately preparing children for the arrival of an adopted sibling may help make the process smoother for everyone involved.

Some potential adoptive parents and children worry about affection levels. In a blended family, there could be problems if children feel that their parents love their siblings more. Many individuals may wonder if parents favor their biological children over their adopted children. However, research described in Science Magazine may help put those fears to rest. In a study of 135 pairs of children, including sets of biological and adopted children, most parents did not favor their biological children over their adopted ones.

The trouble with misattributed paternity

When fathers in Florida discover that the child they raised as their own is not their flesh and blood, they are often devastated. Some fathers find it difficult to bond with the child after learning this, causing the child to suffer for a mistake that was not their own. Others may seek separation from the mother.

In some instances, both parents know the father is not a biological parent, and it is the child who is shocked by the disclosure. This may happen if a man begins a relationship with a woman shortly after she became pregnant for a former partner, or if a man is sterile and opted for a sperm donation or similar arrangement with his partner.

Do you need to file bankruptcy while separated from your spouse?

Financial issues and divorce often go hand in hand. One of the leading reasons why people file for divorce is because of money issues, and these financial struggles do not simply go away when a couple separates. In fact, you may find that you continue to have a difficult time making ends meet while you are living apart or going through the divorce process. Separation can amplify money-related trouble.

If you are unable to manage your debt and continue to deal with financial complications, you may consider moving forward with bankruptcy. This is not an easy decision, especially during a time of separation, but it may allow you to achieve a better financial future. It can help to learn more about this process and what it may mean for your separation or future divorce. 

Mistakes couples make regarding prenuptial agreements

Engaged couples in Florida often spend a lot of time planning the wedding and honeymoon, but one area they should also be focusing their energies on is writing a prenuptial agreement. Many couples avoid talking about it because it may seem awkward or unromantic, but it is important for long-term protection. There are a number of mistakes couples make in regard to prenups.

According to The Knot, one of the big mistakes is couples do not talk about it at all, or they only briefly touch on it. Talking about money and debt is usually not a fun discussion, but it is important for marrying couples to be open with each other to help avoid surprises later on. Experts also recommend talking about it early and often, and that couples should sign a prenup at least six months before tying the knot.

How do you know you are heading for divorce?

There are numerous signs that marital experts use to determine the chances a couple is close to getting a divorce in Florida. While the signs do not guarantee a divorce is imminent, they do signal that a couple needs to make some big changes to prevent an unhappy marriage or a breakup.

According to Live About, many couples can save their marriage if they notice certain signs early enough and take action. While thinking divorce may be easier happens from time to time, it is a bad sign if one spouse thinks about it all the time. A lack of communication can signal a lack of trust and a loss of friendship. Another sign of impending divorce is that the bad times outweigh the good ones. 

How can I prepare for a home study?

Couples in Florida look to adoption to complete their families and to provide a child with a safe and loving home. Adoption is a complex process, especially when it comes to the home study portion. In fact, many couples are intimidated by the home study, which is why it's so important to be prepared. explains what you should know about a home study so you can take the proper steps before it occurs. 

The adoption agency you're working with will request a number of documents and it's in your best interest to have these documents ready before the actual home visit. While the items requested can vary, be prepared to provide marriage and divorce certificates, birth certificates for children currently in your care, verification of employment, bank statements, home title, a listing of assets, as well as any other documents the social worker deems necessary. You'll also be asked to undergo a background check and physical. 

How can I improve my credit score?

While it's true that filing for bankruptcy has an impact on your credit score, it's often the right decision for people who are faced with a massive amount of debt they won't be able to pay off. However, once you've got a handle on your financial situation you'll want to take steps to improve your credit score. Experian explains how you can do just that, which is integral to rebuilding your financial future. 

In general, a bankruptcy will remain on your credit score for seven to ten years. While that may seem like a daunting period of time, the best course of action is to pay all of your bills on time each month for the duration. If you're approved for chapter 13, make sure you stay on top of your payment plan and don't lag behind on other commitments, such as monthly utility bills, mortgage, or rent. This prevents new items from damaging your score, which will only make it dip lower than before. 

The psychological reasons to create a good parenting plan

Divorce is hard on you. The only ones it may be more difficult for is your children. You are all going through a lot of changes, and how you handle it could help or hurt your children.

If you are like most parents here in Florida and elsewhere, you want to make this time as easy on your children as possible. You and your future former spouse agree to do what it takes to make that happen. This includes creating a parenting plan that addresses their psychological needs.

How to improve your chances at child custody

If you are a parent in Florida who is going through a divorce, one big concern you may have is what type of custody decision is the court going to decide? If you want sole custody, there are certain things you can do that may help your chances.

According to FindLaw, it is ideal if you and your soon-to-be-ex spouse can come to an agreement together about child custody. However, this can be a challenge for many couples and, if this is the case, the court ends up making the decision. The judge considers what living situation is in the best interest of the child, and there are numerous factors he or she looks at including who is the better parent at tending towards the child's every day needs, and the preferences of an older child.

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