Establishing Paternity Protects Your Rights

Over the past decade, courts and state legislatures nationwide have made strides to protect fathers' rights and, in turn, uphold fathers' legal obligations to pay child support. However, you may need to establish paternity to have these rights and obligations.

When Do I Need To Establish Paternity?

A husband is legally presumed to be a child's father if the child was born during or shortly after marriage to the child's mother.

When a child is born outside of wedlock, the court must establish paternity to award parental rights and support obligations.

Similarly, for a presumed father to dispute a child's paternity, he must scientifically prove the child is not his by means of a DNA test. This should be done in a timely fashion if parents are divorcing.

If both parents sign an acknowledgement of paternity, the court will establish paternity without a DNA test.

What Rights Do Fathers Have?

Legally recognized fathers are entitled to petition for joint custody and visitation, may be entitled to input on a child's medical care and education and, if the father obtains primary custody, may be entitled to child support.

Do I Need A Paternity Test For Child Support?

If there is no legally recognized parental relationship, you must file to prove paternity to obtain child support. Speak to an attorney to find out more about this.

What Are The Other Benefits Of Establishing Paternity?

Establishing paternity means that you are legally the child's father. In addition to you having the right to be involved in your child's life and jointly make important decisions with the mother, your child gains the right to inherit.

How Can Blanton Law, P.A., Help Me?

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