When Your Life Changes, So Can Your Custody And Support Agreements

You start a new job; your child enrolls in a school closer to the noncustodial parent; you need to care for an aging parent or your own medical condition. Your life is constantly changing. Your parenting time and child support arrangements can change, too.

Attorney Laurie L. Blanton can guide you through the steps you must take to update your court orders. She can assist you in:

  • Adjusting time-sharing agreements to meet your new situation
  • Increasing or decreasing child support to reflect changes in your or your spouse's finances
  • Supporting or opposing a custodial parent's request to relocate
  • Obtaining a temporary possession agreement to meet your child's needs during an emergency

Life is a constant exercise in change. We are here to keep you moving forward. Speak to an attorney about changing your child custody or support agreements or temporary possession.

Working Fast During Emergencies

Emergencies happen in families. An illness or legal trouble may mean that a grandparent or other relative may need to step in and assume a parenting role temporarily. In Florida, a family member can obtain a temporary possession order to gain custodial rights over a child during an emergency. An experienced lawyer can help you navigate the steps quickly to meet your child's needs.

When an immediate illness or trouble with the law prevents someone you love from living safely, you need an attorney who understands Florida's legal processes and knows how to help.

To speak with a highly skilled lawyer who can walk you through your legal options, call our office today. We will listen to your needs and help you make the right choices for your family. You can reach our Venice office at 941-584-4263. Our staff is also available online for your convenience.