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Whether you are the petitioner or the respondent, going through a divorce is tough. Hopefully, you are excited about starting your new life, but that does not mean the divorce process will be easy.

We understand. Blanton Law, P.A., has been representing Floridians in divorce and family law issues for decades, and we have the experience to handle divorces of any degree of difficulty. Whether you have unusual time-sharing needs or will be dividing an insolvent family business, we can resolve your issues quickly and effectively.

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Each Aspect Of Your Divorce Will Affect Your Life In The Long Term

If you own a home and have children, it is virtually certain that you will need to resolve one or more disputed issues in your divorce. While you can negotiate your entire divorce out of court or take every issue to trial, most couples can agree on some issues, but not others.

It can seem like a never-ending round of disagreement and frustration, but there are real issues that must be addressed. Primarily, those include:

  • Determining whether certain assets are individually owned or marital property
  • Deciding how marital property and joint debt should be divided
  • Consideration of whether temporary, rehabilitative or permanent alimony should be paid
  • Making arrangements for sharing custody of and time with your children
  • Setting child support obligations

Each of these issues can be relatively simple or extremely complex, depending on your circumstances, but they are all important. Your divorce lawyer needs to understand how to present your point of view effectively before a judge — and that means understanding the intricacies of Florida family law. We have the knowledge and experience to advocate effectively for you.

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