Child Custody Determination And Disputes

Whether you are married or unmarried, LGBT or heterosexual, young, old or in between, your children are probably the most important thing in your life. When a breakup or divorce leads to the need for a child custody and visitation order, you need an experienced attorney who will listen to your point of view and advocate effectively for you.

At Blanton Law, P.A., we help people with all sorts of legal issues involving children. From offices in Venice and Bradenton, we serve families throughout southwest Florida during the initial determination of child custody, the resolution of disputes and the petitioning for changes to an existing order. We have been serving Floridians for decades, and we can help you, too.

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Need An Initial Custody And Time-Sharing Order? Need To Change One?

Most often, the need for a child custody and visitation (time-sharing) order comes up because the parents are getting a divorce. In other situations, however, the parents are unmarried or have a domestic partnership agreement. In such cases, the child's legal parentage may be clear or it may need to be determined through a paternity proceeding. We can help you develop an appropriate custody and time-sharing order in any situation.

As time passes and your children grow, you may find that your initial order is no longer appropriate. Perhaps one parent needs to move out of state, or maybe the child is considering going to boarding school. If circumstances have changed substantially since your initial order was put in place, you can petition for a modification of that order. We can help you present that petition effectively so your order better reflects your real circumstances.

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At every step, we are committed to helping you understand all of your options and work toward child custody arrangements that work best for you and promote the best interests of your children. To set up your free consultation with a lawyer, call our office at 941-584-4263 or fill out our contact form. Our main office is in Venice, and we have a convenient satellite office in Bradenton.