Loan Modification

For most homeowners, a mortgage is by far the largest monthly bill. For some, getting a house payment lowered would open the door to significant economic opportunity.

By filing a Chapter 13 bankruptcy it is possible to undertake Loan Modification Mediation, where a mortgage company investigates whether or not a homeowner is eligible for modification under the Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP). Even if an owner is not eligible for a HAMP modification, it may be possible to pursue other options for modification.

Unfortunately, many banks simply are not interested in explaining their reasons for denying a modification and many are not interested in acting decisively toward a modification. Banks get modification documents, they sit in a pile and when someone finally gets to them, there is no honest analysis.

Bradenton Mortgage Modification Attorney

If you are having difficulty making mortgage payments and seeking to modify your home mortgage, we at Blanton Law, P.A., can help you analyze if and how you qualify for a mortgage and undertake the process in the best possible way.

Oftentimes a loan modification is a viable option when undertaking lien stripping. Many people cannot afford a loan modification because they have a second mortgage. When they strip off the second mortgage, however, they can qualify. Even in cases when the foreclosure process has already started, we can file a Chapter 13 proceeding and request mortgage modification mediation, which stops the foreclosure process for a minimum of six months while we work to obtain a loan modification.

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