Chapter 7

Experienced Assistance Filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

The Chapter 7 bankruptcy process allows people with low, no or inconsistent income to discharge their unsecured debt and gain a fresh financial start. Filing for Chapter 7 protection can relieve you of your debt and turn a dim financial future into a bright one.

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Benefits of Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

We believe you should be well informed before making the decision on whether or not to file bankruptcy. We will clearly explain the benefits and potential risks. Some benefits of filing for Chapter 7 protection include:

  • Wiping out unsecured debt: Upon completing Chapter 7 bankruptcy, unsecured debts such as credit cards, medical bills, personal loans, car loans, lease deficiencies and some IRS taxes will be discharged. However, it is important to understand that you cannot discharge debts such as child support, alimony and students loans by filing Chapter 7.
  • Stopping creditor harassment and wage garnishments: Creditors will no longer be allowed to contact you once you file for Chapter 7 protection. We will deal with creditors on your behalf and help put a stop to wage garnishments.
  • Avoiding deficiencies: If you are unable to make payments on a vehicle, home or other property, filing bankruptcy prevents you from being liable for deficiencies such as late payment penalties and interest.
  • Lean stripping: If the value of your home is less than your first mortgage, a judge can strip off a second mortgage and will be discharged as an unsecure debt.

However, if you earn a regular wage, Chapter 13 bankruptcy may be the better option for you.

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