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Tyrese Gibson may serve as his own attorney in custody hearing

Fans of Tyrese in Florida may be interested in the actor's ongoing custody battle. Singer and actor Tyrese is no longer being represented by his attorney. In the custody battle, Tyrese is expected to act as his own legal counsel. There is also the chance that he will find another attorney prior to the hearing. His former wife is seeking a permanent restraining order against her ex-husband after claiming that Tyrese beat the couple's 10-year-old child.

Co-parenting after a violent marriage

Florida couples who experienced conflict and violence during their marriage might be fearful of co-parenting after divorce. The concern is that the violent behavior of the abusive spouse will continue, potentially putting the other spouse, and even the children, at risk. A study by researchers at the University of Illinois explored this issue, with some conclusions that might be surprising to couples going through this.

Dads can hold on to parental closeness after a divorce

Fathers in Florida may be worried about the impact their divorce may have on their children. While they're ready to move on from a relationship that hasn't worked out, it's important for fathers to remain close and connected to their children. Losing that contact can be one of the greatest fears a dad faces when going through the end of a marriage.

Shared custody may be best for kids

Florida residents who are getting divorced may want to consider opting for shared custody of their children. As long as neither parent is abusive toward a child, both mom and dad should play an active role in their lives. Children of any age may benefit, but the advantages may be higher for younger children. As of 2017, data shows that mothers are awarded sole custody in 80 percent of the cases where custody is determined by the courts.

Avoiding dichotomy in shared parenting "house rules"

Even though Chapter 61 of the Florida Statutes covers shared parenting as it relates to the best interests of the child, the reality of joint custody agreements is that some divorced parents tend to put their own interests ahead of their children's when it comes to house rules. In many cases, divorcing parents will project their bickering onto the rules they seek to impose on their young children.

The case for shared parenting

Research and evidence from other countries indicate that many Florida divorcing couples who have young children may benefit from shared parenting arrangements. Shared parenting means that both parents have roughly equal amounts of time and responsibilities for caring for children after a divorce or separation. There is strong evidence that a shared parenting arrangement benefits all of the parties involved.

About child custody exchanges

Florida parents who are going through a divorce and who have minor children will have to come to an accordregarding child custody and visitation. If they do not, a court will make the determination. Regardless of how it is done, there will be some form of an agreement that details when, where and how the exchange of a child will occur. The actual custody exchange takes place every time a child is transferred from the physical custody of one parent to the other.

Undocumented workers often short of child custody options

Immigrant communities in Florida and around the country have become increasingly anxious. President Trump vowed to deport millions of illegal aliens during a contentious election campaign, and many undocumented workers are taking him at his word. Advocacy groups in various parts of the country are holding workshops that provide immigrant workers with legal and financial advice, and they are commonly approached by parents who want to put contingency plans for their children into place.

Benefits of shared parenting

"Shared parenting" refers to a situation in which parents are divorced or separated and children spend roughly equal time with each parent. More than 80 percent of the time, mothers are awarded physical custody by a family court judge. However, shared parenting is increasing as a custody solution. In 2016, the Florida legislature passed a shared parenting bill, but it was vetoed by the governor. Several other states have passed laws that encourage shared parenting as the default in a divorce including Arizona, Wisconsin and Alaska.

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